12 tips to increase your sales and marketing results

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The economy is recovering. Now is the time to make the most of your sales and marketing plans. Small and medium-sized companies are the ones driving our economic growth. If you’re planning your 2016 campaigns, here are some tips to help you optimize your results.

1. “You do not have to play a role or be an actor.”
Make sure that every message your customer sees about you focuses on the benefits of your product or service. Put yourself in the shoes of your client and ask him, “What does that mean for me?” Make sure the message is clearly and consistently communicated in your promotional materials, sales presentations, email campaigns, and on your website.

2. “The process makes the master.”
This is certainly the case when selling. To be successful, you need to set up a good sales process in your company. A sales plan – by media, by product line or by service – is essential for the smooth flow of your sales and its success.

3. “I can see clearly now.”
What do you know about your customers? If you do not have a clear picture, you need an analysis of the customer profile. By comparing your customer file to a national customer or enterprise data warehouse, you can create a customer profile that is a powerful tool for more targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

4. “Rome was not built in one day.”
And your customer list. Your customer list is your gold, but it requires planning and attention to detail to create a truly powerful customer list. Make sure you have a good CRM system to store data on customer contact information, purchase history, marketing preferences, and personal properties. Hire someone to make sure that all entries are correct and complete. Clean up your list regularly with the help of a marketing service provider.

5. “There is no free lunch.”
However, with good advertising, you can cover many kilometers. Every company has a story and every medium is looking for one. Send press releases of interest to local media, your list of VIPs, journals, and even the national media, if the information is important.

6. “Testing, testing, testing.”
There is no gadget about it. The tests help you to improve your sales and marketing results. Test all aspects of your campaigns: your creation, your message, your offer, and your lists. Test one thing each. Perform quick tests by email, but confirm these results with the mail merge.

7. “Come in, the water is good.”
If you have not developed an email marketing strategy for your business, you need to test the basics. E-mail is particularly effective for customer communication, so start there. Develop an e-newsletter and publish it regularly to keep in touch with your customers and reward them with special offers. Use e-mail campaigns in combination with direct mail to generate leads that lead to leads for your website and e-commerce sites.

8. “Was there, do that.”
Is your website up to date? Information about your company and your products is changing daily. Make sure this shows up on your website. The Internet has become the ideal destination to find information about products and services. Think of it as your storefront, your concierge. Make sure the information is easy to find!

9. “Find a needle in a haystack.”
When you talk about your website, you invest in optimizing your website for web search. It can be very easy and inexpensive to make minor improvements to your website to make it easier for potential customers to work.

10. “A penny for your thoughts.”
In the past, when a company wanted to know what customers think about their products, they hired a marketing consultant to do the research. While the new world of social media is not science, it allows you to hear about your needs and preferences directly from customers and prospects at any time. Experiment with Facebook and Twitter to create fan pages and communities.

11. “Two are better than one.”
Multichannel marketing works. If you record an e-mail message and improve it with the e-mail, or vice versa, you increase your overall response and your profitability. Use communication over multiple channels (email, email, phone, email). However, for this marketing strategy to be effective, it must be carefully planned and coordinated.

12. “Critical Mission”.
Does your company have a mission statement? A Mission Statement helps all members of your team to take advantage of the key services and benefits you offer your customers. This is the starting point for all your brand identity, product development and marketing materials. It can also be a statement about the ethics of your company so that employees know what you represent internally and externally.

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